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Bookshelf for wall or bed

This clever bookshelf can be attached to the bed or mounted to the wall. That makes the favorite books accessible

Clip-on table

Need a small table next for your bed to lay down a book? Hang on this clip-on table. Specifications Dimensions:

Corner shelf

Good storage solution for in the corner of the bed or below the bed on the bed construction. Specifications Dimensions:

Bookcase with shelves

This cool bookcase doesn’t take too much space in your room, but give lots of storage opportunities. Easy to mount,

Drawer unit

Next to your desk you always need some extra storage. Therefor this handy drawer unit. Easily move it around through

Corner shelf with LED light

Create a cozy atmosphere in your bed with this cool corner shelf with dimmable warm LED light. The LED area has a

Book rack

Do you have a small room? But do you need to find a spot for all your books? This bookrack

Hanging box

Specially for the higher bed, you will like some small storage next to the bed. This box is divided in

Set of 4 castors

Make a nice storage box on castors together with storage box art. 6082. You can roll your toys through the

Shelf below the bed

This shelf is a perfect add-on to the semi-high or high bed. It perfectly matches the look of the bed

Storage box

A storage box for multiple solutions. Hang it at the wall, make a funny combination of multiple boxes, or use

Storage boxes on castors

Down below the cabin bed you have lots of room to store. These 2 big boxes on castors give you