The Brand

At LIFETIME we view the world through children’s eyes for almost half a century.

Children now have their own bedroom, their bedrooms are bigger and various trends have come and gone.

Even if times have changed, one thing remained the same, our philosophy:


With this motto as our guiding light, distinctive and imaginative universes are created that form the framework for the voyage through childhood.

We believe that furnishing a child’s room, involves more than just picking out a cheerful colour. LIFETIME provides a conscious choice of high-quality products and safe materials, which are sustainable and eco-friendly, along with sturdy construction, which guarantee an investment that will give long years of enjoyment to both child and parent.

Only the best is good enough – for us and for your child.

Why LIFETIMEKidsrooms


The pine wood used in producing our collection is slowly grown from a sustainable forestry in Sweden, creating strong wood, which is well suited to make our high quality furniture. Our wood is finished with environmentally friendly, water-based lacquers and wash. We make sure that our products are safe, not only to the environment, but to your children as well. With LIFETIME products in the children’s bedrooms, environmentally friendliness is guaranteed.


The furniture is, and remains sturdy and stable for many years, even when it is converted to a different combination. Our beds also meet the highest safety requirements, often exceeding the legal standard. Our beds are also extensively tested by TÜV, a strict testing authority and fulfil the standards of EN-747. Our more than 50 years of experience secure a well thought-out product, which is sold worldwide today.


At LIFETIME we value the good quality and safety. Our expert furniture makers and wood workers have very advanced equipment. We stand behind our product and therefore we have a 5 year guarantee on the construction of our beds. Quality remains our focus in the long term, even after the furniture has left our workshop.


With LIFETIME themed rooms, children of all ages are allowed to unleash their fantasy and create a bedroom they have always dreamt of. With our practical furniture – like an adjustable desk or bookcases – and wonderful accessories – like beautiful canopies or matching cushions – LIFETIMEkidsrooms furniture and accessories can be combined to fulfill all children’s needs. Our bed systems are made to grow with the child, so by investing in our basic bed you can re-design your bed again and again so that it fits to the needs of your child’s age.


Build to last for loads of fun and many exciting adventures. Furnishing a child’s room involves more than just picking out a cheerful colour. Your conscious choice for the exceptional quality, design and modularity of the safe and sturdy constructed kidsrooms, guarantees an investment that will give many years of enjoyment.

In order to meet the high requirements for children to grow up, all beds are tested by TÜV according to meet the BS-EN 747-2015 standard.